Discover Electronic Dance Music: The New Sound

electronic dance music

It’s Friday night and a lot of teenagers and 20 something adults are walking down the streets ready to throw off their weekend stresses and just have some fun clubbing. They would crowd on the dance floor under the colorful dancing lights moving to the sound of spontaneous fresh beats of the popular Electronic Dance Music.

Can you picture it very well? Looks very familiar these days right? Fun is what a lot of youth are looking for today and for most; they have found clubs to be their oasis. And with the rise of EDM or Electronic Dance Music in the scene, a sense of discovery and expression made fun look even better, or should we say, sound even better?

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He is David Guetta

David Guetta

He is one of the most universally acclaimed artists that brought Electronic Dance Music to a modern height. He conquered the charts in the UK through 3 hit singles that all took number one spot in 2009. He even made some loud noise in the US of the same year through a production work with the famed Black Eyed Peas that gone over 8.3 million sales and acquired the title of the biggest selling download in US history. He has made numerous tracks with various popular modern artists and has won the hearts of many listeners. He has transformed the sound of radio through his music and He continues to be an icon at what he does. He is David Guetta.

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Hardwell: This Year’s Most Famous EDM Artist

It is awe surprising and awe inspiring at the same time to know that the acclaimed No. 1 in the Top 100 DJs of the world for two straight years of 2013 to 2014 already started his life in the Electronic Dance Music industry in just the age of 12. When his fellow same aged kids were still just trying to graduate from grade school, he was already mixing up remixes in nightclubs. Impossible? Not so much for this year’s newest and youngest Dutch DJ who topped the charts—Hardwell.

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