He is David Guetta

David Guetta

He is one of the most universally acclaimed artists that brought Electronic Dance Music to a modern height. He conquered the charts in the UK through 3 hit singles that all took number one spot in 2009. He even made some loud noise in the US of the same year through a production work with the famed Black Eyed Peas that gone over 8.3 million sales and acquired the title of the biggest selling download in US history. He has made numerous tracks with various popular modern artists and has won the hearts of many listeners. He has transformed the sound of radio through his music and He continues to be an icon at what he does. He is David Guetta.

Pierre David Guetta or David Guetta as most people know him began his music career as a DJ at the age of 18 at the city of Love, Paris. He was actually born there on November 7, 1967 from a mother of Belgian descent and a father who is a restaurateur and of Morrocan Jewish descent.

David is a French DJ who had very humble beginnings, nothing compared to the big name that he has now. His career started out with him as a DJ at the Board Club in Paris in around the 1980s. He used to play popular music until he heard a Farley “Jackmaster” Funk track on a French radio in 1987. That is where David started to shift from playing for clubs to going solo and hosting his own club nights. With the fire still very fresh, he produced his very first EDM track, “Nation Rap”, a hip hop collaboration with French rapper Sidney Duteil. A second track followed in 1994—“Up and Away”, a collaboration with American house vocalist Robert Owens.  Of the same year, David became the manager of Le Palace nightclub and continued his art and passion in EDM music by organizing parties here and there.


Things were quite doing pretty well for David Guetta’s career, but he was definitely still ready for more. In 2001, he co-founded Gum Productions and in the next year released his debut album “Just a Little More Love” with Virgin Records selling 300,000 copies. Three more albums followed in the next years: “F*ck Me I’m Famous” in 2003, “Guetta Blaster” in 2004 and “Pop Life” in 2007.

David started hitting the charts in his third album, Pop Life, through his lead single “Love is Gone”. It reached number one in the American Dance Chart and made it in the Billboard Hot 100. In 2008, with his track “Delirious” which featured the vocals of Tara McDonald, David went global. But it was in 2009 that his music started to really become famous and people from all over the world began to really know the name—David Guetta.

guetta's album

In Guetta’s fourth album, “One Love” which was released in August of 2009, 2 of his singles, “When Love Takes Over” which featured Kelly Rowland and “Sexy Bitch” featuring Akon, hit the number one spot in the UK charts. “One Love” sold over 3 million copies worldwide. In June of the same year, Guetta collaborated with Black Eyed Peas, producing a track that shook the world. “I Got a Feeling” topped the charts in seventeen countries and became the biggest selling download in all-time US history. At the peak of his popularity, Guetta released his fifth album in 2011, “Nothing but the Beat” that was inspired by rock influences such as Kings of Leon and Coldplay and created his new record label “Jack Back Records” in 2012.

At present, David Guetta continues his art and passion in EDM music by collaborating with various modern artists in his two latest releases: a four-track EP titled “Lovers on the Sun” and his sixth album “Listen”. Guetta has undeniably reached great heights through his modern EDM music and more heights are still up for the taking and this young DJ from Paris cannot be stopped. His name is David Guetta.