Skrillex: From First to Last and to First Again


Who would’ve thought that an American post hardcore rocker can turn into a well skilled DJ and producer of superb Electronic Dance Music? Well whatever others’ thoughts might be, it is what this American DJ, EDM producer and song-writer from LA all is and even more—Skrillex.

Sonny John Moore or most famous for his stage name “Skrillex” was born on January 15, 1988 in the Highland Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles. Sonny’s childhood isn’t really that pleasant. When he was around 12 years old, he studied in a private academy school specializing in the arts, but because he was bullied there, he got into home school instead when he was 14. Then he learned that he was adopted and dropped from school at the age of 16.

When Sonny was in his teenage years, he would usually attend punk gigs in Mexican American neighborhoods in East and South of LA and later on at a few electro club raves. His unkind childhood experiences might be the reason of him attending such events (although we can’t really tell), but nonetheless it led him to paths that he never thought would start off his life of success and fame in playing Electronic Dance Music.

In 2004, Sonny joined an American post-hardcore band “From First to Last” and started off as just playing the guitar to singing the lead. His band career went off pretty well that they were able to release two albums that both had high record sales. They also had a lot of live performances and several successful tours. But singing in a rock band isn’t all that is Sonny.

After having problems with his vocal chords and having it successfully operated, Sonny left the FFTL and pursued a solo career. No regrets for this rock singer and music enthusiast because in 2008 he, along with other bands, played in the second Annual AP Tour and got featured in AP Magazines 100 Bands You Need to Know special. In 2009, Sonny released Gypsyhook EP, his first digital EP which featured three songs and four remixes.

Skrillex Austin

After that Sonny began producing and performing at various clubs in LA. These were the times when people started to know him more by the name “Skrillex”. In June 2010, Skrillex released his debut EP, “My Name is Skrillex” as a free download. Later in that same year, Skrillex signed up with mau5trap recordings and released his second EP “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”.

All the success just seem to come running for Skrillex that in 2011 he made some noise in the Project Blue Book Tour and produced an exclusive new track from Korn “Get Up”. More EP releases and his music used in a popular playstation commercial, video game, movie and even in an Apple application, there is no doubt that this once rock band lead singer turned into a famous DJ and music producer with various Grammy nominations, 6 Grammy awards and 2011 recognition as MTV’s EDM Artist of the Year, has still a long way to go.